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She emphasized that the increase by an average of one thousand teachers will receive gold during the year and nine months. This has to happen, as pointed out, “at a reduced teaching load, because of the 2016 decision., Which entered into force in 2017., The so-called liquidated. Card hour, or two hours free compulsory for every teacher.” Zalewska also explained that the differences in the amount increases are due to the degree of promotion of individual teachers. “Trainee contract, appointed, will have diverse (increase – PAP) depending on the degree of advancement. Recall that we are talking about average, which is the minimum wage” – noted the Minister. She added that “from this addiction is directly 7 other additives, because the salary of a teacher is made up not only of the minimum wage, but still with 16 other remuneration, for example. Overtime and so.

Thirteen – they simply will be counted on this amount increased “. She added that for three years, teachers will be able to receive the highest notes and will be able to receive 300, 400 or 500 zl every month. “At the same time we talk all the time with the trade. In the case of a second compound, and most of the proposals were implemented,” – Zalewska assessed. Since September 1 came into force new rules for teachers’ promotion – promotion path extended from 10 to 15 years, but it can be shortened or lengthened. Education Minister Anna Zalewska announced in early September, in response to the voices of the teaching prof อ่านต่อ