The OSADL Project: Realtime Linux Workshops

on 22 พ.ย. 2019 in Proposal Solution Essay Topics

The OSADL Project: Realtime Linux Workshops

Realtime Linux – Usage and Applications

Real Time Linux can be a growing technology. The mixture of difficult real-time along with an enormous directory of developed and developing features inside Linux makes this a solution that is attractive. The talk covers how to begin dealing with realtime Linux and shows working examples. Some significant success tales are presented.

Complex control systems, applications of DIAPM-RTAI at DIAPM

The applications presented here are two digital vibration that is adaptive experiments: the rise associated with normal damping of a big versatile truss using on/off air jet thrusters; while the reduced amount of the acoustic emissions of a panel utilizing piezoelectric materials as distributed sensors and actuators. The adaptation of the controller is obtained by combining an identification step using a Vector-Channel Lattice Filter, recursive both in time and order, and a full state controller based on a robust multi-input-multi-output pole placement technique; in the second one the adaptive scheme is based on a Diagonal Recurrent Neural Network in the first case. The truss test is an important illustration of a control that is complex using two Computer and several cooperating tasks, whilst the panel one shows the RTAI shows in high-frequency control systems. อ่านต่อ