We know-When girls become spouses to escape war

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We know-When girls become spouses to escape war

Forced marriages and kid brides may seem far-fetched in European countries. a real tale from holland dispels this idea. Ladies’ aid companies anticipate that Germany will be confronted with soon these issues.

The dutch police is using to find her, Fatema wears a chic, leopard-print headscarf on the photo. She gazes really and defiantly during the camera, the same as some other woman at her age. But Fatema isn’t a normal teenager. The 14-year-old is hitched along with her very first youngster approximately two months ago.

Fatema went missing by the end of August

From the time August 31, the young Syrian girl and her spouse, a decade her senior, have actually dropped from the authorities’ radar. The few arrived when you look at the Netherlands via Germany come july 1st and had been housed within the refugee reception center in Ter Apel. อ่านต่อ