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Your Most Common Questions Regarding Period Intercourse

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Your Most Common Questions Regarding Period Intercourse

From “is it that is safe” to “can my gf get pregnant?,” we addressed dudes’ most questions that are common how exactly to have intercourse when it is the period associated with the thirty days

Which means that your gf or spouse is on the duration. You’re wondering in the event that you should a) refrain from sex all week, or b) convincingly make an argument that this week must certanly be all about blow jobs. But why be that guy — particularly when good PIV that is old-fashioned sex still up for grabs?We are, needless to say, talking about duration intercourse, that can be awesome and enjoyable for all included. While many dudes are grossed down because of the concept, other people think it’s great. As Miles Klee of MEL Magazine succinctly places it: “”You like intercourse. Period intercourse is intercourse. Do not overthink this.”

Still maybe perhaps not convinced? Additionally it is well well worth noting that menstrual blood doesn’t really contain that much bloodstream after all: when it comes to part that is most, it อ่านต่อ