A Writer’s Suggestion for Writing Better Sex Scenes: Steal

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A Writer’s Suggestion for Writing Better Sex Scenes: Steal

A novelist writes about intercourse and steals through the most readily useful

“As a matter of known fact,” F. Scott Fitzgerald published, “I have always been a specialist thief that is literary hot following the most useful types of every author during my generation.”

And oh, just just exactly how hot we authors are. We have been expert literary thieves, also it; we absorb and take and study if we don’t know. We take style (think stream-of-consciousness). We take plot (think The full Hours and Cunningham’s adaptation of Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway). We take the “vibe” of something—using epigraphs as being a real means getting the nature and power of some other author’s work. And we also take nerve. We’ve probably all felt exhilarated after reading an writer whom causes us to be feel differently.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, after reading the very first type of Kafka’s The Metamorphosis, wrote: “When I read that line, we thought to myself that i did son’t understand anybody was permitted to compose such things as that. อ่านต่อ