For Just One Man, She Needed To Be Pretty And Asian

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For Just One Man, She Needed To Be Pretty And Asian

For the California man known as Steven, a fantastic girl needed to be pretty, submissive — and Asian. A 30-year-old woman from China, on a fiancee visa in the documentary Seeking Asian Female, filmmaker Debbie Lum followed Steven as he sought out, found, and brought over Sandy. Then truth hit. Lum speaks about host Michel Martin to her film.


We will simply just take a large u-turn now and possess the thing I’m likely to phone some grown people’ discussion about something if you live in some parts of the country or ever check out dating websites, you will have observed that I am sure.

Have actually you ever realized that some guys appear to have a plain thing for Asian ladies? We are obviously dealing with non-Asian males right right here. Chinese-American filmmaker Debbie Lum did, partly because she by by by herself happens to be the thing – one might also state the goal – with this fascination. So she chose to attempt to uncover what it is exactly about.

She interviewed males whom posted online individual advertisements solely searching for women that are asian. This really is just an example of exactly exactly exactly what she discovered.


UNIDENTIFIED MAN number 1: It is their locks. Oahu is the long, black colored locks that is really attractive.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN number 2: oahu is the entire kind that is mysterious of, dark eyes.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN number 3: i do believe they provide more consideration to how a man seems than, often, on their own. อ่านต่อ